Props and Special Effects


At Five Star Theatre, we are extremely proud owners of our very own Chinese dragon, which measures 50 feet long! In addition to this, we have various props to suit a variety of production/event requirements. 


Here are just a few examples of what we have available from our props stock:

   'Annie' buckets and brushes

    Animal puppets

  ★ Magic lamps 

   Period tankards and tableware 

    'Annie' buckets and brushes

    Yellow-brick road 'jigsaw' 

    Glowing witch's broom

   'Sweeney Todd' chair and birdcages 


   Magic wands

   Treasure chests


   Period telephones/radios/etc. 


    Pantomime trolleys 

    Staffs, canes and walking sticks



We are more than happy to discuss a specific prop idea or requirement you may have, and produce something for you - just send an email to and we can make it happen!

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