Cats: costume hire

Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Cats' has been performed all over the world for the last 30 years and is one of the West End's longest running musicals. World-famous songs such as 'Memory' and 'Mr Mistoffelees' make this musical a guaranteed box office success for professionals, amateurs and dance schools like. 


Our 'Cats' costume set has been our most popular hire set since we created it in 2014. Every year it has been added to, redesigned and adapted and, thanks to our own production of the show in 2018, there is a brand new set of costumes for this show, which have been beautifully hand-painted. 


Each costume consists of a painted catsuit, legwarmers, collar, tail, wig and various accessories. We also have all of the principal characters, including Grizabella, Old Deuteronomy, and Mr Mistoffelees' light-up coat. 


Here are some photographs of some of our 'Cats' costumes:



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