Meet the Team behind Five Star Theatre

Ethan J Smith

Owner & Founder


Ethan founded the company in 2008 and he is responsible for overseeing and producing all of our shows and projects. He has directed all of our productions to date, and has even performed in some of them, too!


Ethan is a notoriously messy worker and has not yet failed to lose the company glue gun during EVERY production get-in!



Danielle Boughey

Head of Production 


Danielle is a Five Star all-rounder...she is a dab-hand at most things theatrical, and is great at marketing and organising things Ethan forgets to do! Props and weird furniture are Danielle's thing...she has even directed one of our productions!


She is easily lost, because she is usually wearing some sort of costume item!


Shane Kenny-Costello

Head of Design 


Having performed in the majority of Five Star shows since 2014, and having been heavily involved in the design process for our 2017 shows, Shane was made our Production Design Assistant in Summer 2017, and is now the Head of Design. 


He is famous for juggling about 10 different projects at once (we thought Ethan loved the stress!) and making very fabulous things.


Luke McMaster

Head of Technical Production


Luke joined us as Lighting Designer for 'Aladdin' in December 2016 and has worked on all of our productions since. In the spring of 2018 we made Luke an official part of the team that makes the magic happen at Five Star...


So, Luke is now officially the bloke in charge of all things technical!




Sara Last

Head of Finance


Sara is in charge of the slightly boring business things like bills and accounts. She is also a whizz at marketing and development. 


Sara also runs the Front-of-House teams at some of our show venues. 



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