Auditions: Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Cats'


What's a Jellicle cat? What's a Jellicle cat? Well, you could be one next March, in our production of 'Cats' which forms part of our 2018 special celebratory 10th anniversary programme. This is a full-scale dance musical, telling the stories of unusual, lyrical feline creatures in their fight for a 'new life' at the annual Jellicle Ball. 


If you're a passionate dancer, or you're seriously interested in developing into a competent dancer during the rehearsal process for this production, we want to hear from you, and see you at our auditions in November! 


Audition date: Thursday 2nd November, 6pm 

Recall date: Sunday 5th November, 6.30pm 

Show dates: Thursday 29th, Friday 30th and Saturday 31st March 2018 


For audition material: please register here, and audition material will be sent to you.